Oct 7, 2009

How to SLIC - BIOS. Vista, Windows 7

Note: This tutorial is Only for those who have AMI or AWARD Bios, for those who have Phoenix Bios please Google there are a lot of tutorial out there in the forest.

To activate a Microsoft Operating System as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing)

- SLIC version should match the particular Windows Operating System installed.
For Example, Slic v2.0 for Windows Vista, SLIC v2.1 for Windows Vista and Windows 7).
- OEM SLP Produc
t Key that matches the version of Windows installed
Only SLP product key will work,
Volume Licensing and KeysRetail Keys will never work.

Any SLP product key, the Certificate (Company Cert. e.g Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo etc. ), and the Slic
(Particular Company Slic. e.g Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo etc.) should always be the same.


Your original Motherboard Bios

AMI Tools - Click Here For those who have AMI Bios
Award Bios Tools -
Click Here For those who have Award Bios

Certificate and Slic bin

Certificate - Click here
Slic 2.1 - Click here
Slic 2.0 - Google

Now we are ready to
your bios which is Very Easy.

1). For those who have the Award Mod Tool, right click on AWARDTOOL.EXE and For those with AMI Mod Tool, right click on AMITOOL.EXE.

2). Click the button by ORIGINAL BIOS and navigate to your bios file and click it.
Next, choose the manufacturer....if your manufacturer does not show, choose OTHER
4). Choose SLIC. For those who only want to activate Windows Vista, choose SLIC v2.0. For those who want to activate Windows Vista and Windows 7, choose a SLIC v2.1
5). Choose SLP. Download If you choose a DELL SLIC, also choose a DELL SLP. This can be left blank.
6). Choose the certificate. The Slic Bin and the Certificate have to match. The tools will let you know if they do match or if they do not match.
7). Method: let the tool choose default method
Note: For those who have ASROCK AMI bios, the AMI Mod Tool will automatically default to SSV3 when you choose ASROCK from the MANUFACTURER drop down menu. Before modifying, click the ADVANCED button. Once the Advanced window opens, find SSV3 OptionsFor those who have an ECS AWARD Bios, EVGA AWARD Bios, MSI AWARD BIOS (NOT MSI AMI) and for those who have an AWARD Bios by HP or COMPAQ, use the ISA method to modify the bios. The Award Mod Tool defaults to 0+2 but ECS AWARD BIOS, EVGA AWARD BIOS, MSI AWARD BIOS, and AWARD Bios by HP or COMPAQ already have a SLIC inserted in the ACPITBL. The 0+2 method only adds a second SLIC and could cause problems with the computer or activation of windows. ISA will replace the OLD SLIC with the NEW SLIC. and put a check mark by ADJUST SLIC IN DIFFERENT LOCATION.
8). Click Go, and now is the waiting period and personally like this part.
9.) After it finishes it will say it is successful or not and if you want to verify the successful modifications, click VERIFY. For those who have AWARD BIOS, this will show a checksum error. This is natural and do not let it bother you.

And its your time to Flash your BIOS..

To go back to trial period :
  1. Type cmd in Start menu.
  2. Right-click on the first result (cmd.exe) and click on Run as administrator (confirm by clicking Yes if required).
  3. Type in
    slmgr -upk
  4. Click Enter
To install Certificate and Key :
  1. Put the certificate in C:\ the same one with that of the SLIC version of your BIOS.
  2. Type cmd in Start menu.
  3. Right-click on the first result (cmd.exe) and click on Run as administrator (confirm by clicking Yes if required).
  4. Type in (Important: Replace “NAME” by the name of your certificate)
    slmgr -ilc C:/NAME.xrm-ms
  5. Wait until a message confirms that the certificate has been correctly installed.
  6. Type in (Important: Replace the XXXXX by a valid SLP product key — Need one? Google it
  7. Wait until a message confirms that the key has been correctly installed.
There you go.. Have fun!


freefox said...


I need some help please. Where can I find the origin BIOS in the first step. Thew tool was looking for ROM type of file.


Anonymous said...

If its is in bin extension then just rename your .bin extension to .rom

just import it by selecting "all files"

Anonymous said...

thomte: just wanted to say thanks your instructions worked great! I have a gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H rev1.0 w/ F11 bios motherboard did a Dell 2.1 SLIC and it shows as activated.

Anonymous said...

Had to use 0+2 method. All others failed...

New Binary to contain SLIC 2.1 now. Thanks for the informations!


Anonymous said...

Having trouble with MSI can't get it to verify keep saying that they don't match had no problem with my Asus board any advice you could give would be welcome